Revolutionize Your Video Editing Game: Create Mind-Blowing Videos with AI Right from Your Phone using Runway’s iOS App

Transform Ordinary Videos into Masterpieces with Runway's Revolutionary App

Revolutionize Your Video Editing Game: Create Mind-Blowing Videos with AI Right from Your Phone using Runway's iOS App

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Are you tired of ordinary, boring videos? Want to transform your footage into something truly extraordinary? Look no further than Runway’s innovative new app, now available on iOS. With the power of generative AI, Runway’s Gen-1 video-to-video model allows you to apply an aesthetic or theme to any existing video with just a few taps on your phone. Say goodbye to the days of dull, unimpressive footage and hello to a world of artistic possibilities. Read on to discover how Runway’s app can unleash your creativity and take your videos to the next level.

Generative AI startup Runway has launched its first mobile app, making its Gen-1 video-to-video model available in iOS. The app allows users to transform existing videos based on text, image, or video input. Functionally, it works a lot like a style transfer tool, but unlike style transfer, it generates entirely new videos as output rather than applying filters. The app is free to download, but free users are offered a limited number of credits.

Transform Videos with Runway’s Gen-1

© Runway AI, Inc.

Runway’s Gen-1 video-to-video model allows users to give their videos a new aesthetic or theme. Users can upload any video, and apply filters to it to give it a completely new look. For example, one can upload a video of someone cycling in the park and give it the look of a watercolor painting or a charcoal sketch, or apply a claymation effect that makes the model’s limbs grow and shrink, and features melt and smear.

Strange but Fun Output

However, as with any generative AI, the output is often strange, but that doesn’t take away from the fun. The resulting models may not function like real claymation, but they can be amusing and sometimes awe-inspiring. Runway’s mobile app makes the whole process of creating these types of videos much more fluid. The app’s main software suite is available on the web, which makes the distance between capturing footage and generating it wider.

Limitations and Future Plans

The app has certain limitations worth mentioning. Users can’t work with footage longer than five seconds, and there are certain banned prompts, such as generating nudity or using copyright-protected work. Processing time is around two to three minutes per video, which doesn’t sound like a lot but feels like an age in the era of instant mobile editing. The processing is done in the cloud and will likely speed up over time.

Currently, the app only supports Runway’s Gen-1 model, but the CEO, Cristóbal Valenzuela, says that the purely generative Gen-2 will be added soon. Valenzuela has compared the current era of generative AI to the “optical toys” phase of the 19th century when scientists and inventors created a whole range of devices that were trivial in their capabilities but the ancestors of modern cameras. Runway’s mobile app feels like one of these toys, but with the potential to revolutionize the way we create and interact with videos.

The Huge Sense of Possibility

The output of AI text-to-image models also started out as smeared and unrealistic, but now they’re being used to fool the public with swagged-out pictures of the pope. The app may not be used for professional production work, but tools like this have huge potential in the future. The ability to transform any video based on text, image, or video input is exciting, and the fact that it’s available on a mobile app makes it even more accessible.

FAQ about Runway

What is Runway’s new iOS app?

Runway’s new iOS app is a mobile application that allows users to create generative AI video-to-video transformations directly from their phone.

How does Runway’s app work?

Runway’s app uses generative AI technology to transform any video with just a few taps on your phone. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the input video and generate a new video that is completely different but still related to the original.

Are there any limitations to Runway’s app?

Yes, there are certain limitations to the app. For example, it may not work as well on low-quality or low-resolution videos, and some users have reported occasional glitches or crashes. However, the app is constantly being updated and improved to address these issues.

Info about Runway: For more information on Runway’s innovative AI technology, visit their website at There, you can explore their range of products, including the new mobile app, as well as learn more about the possibilities of generative AI. You’ll also find helpful resources such as tutorials and community forums to get started with this exciting technology.


In conclusion, Runway’s mobile app marks an exciting milestone in the world of generative AI, providing users with the ability to transform videos in a matter of seconds using nothing more than their phones. While the app may currently have some limitations, such as the maximum video length and banned prompts, its ease of use and creative potential are undeniable.

As we look towards the future, it’s clear that this is just the beginning of what Runway and other companies in the field of generative AI can achieve. The upcoming release of the Gen-2 model promises even more possibilities for users to explore and experiment with, whether for fun or for professional applications.

So why not try out the Runway app for yourself and see what kind of amazing videos you can create? And if you know someone who loves technology, AI, or video editing, be sure to share this article with them to spread the word about this exciting new development in the world of mobile video editing. With Runway’s mobile app, the possibilities are endless!

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